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Happy 21st Birthday Violator

Depeche Mode's Violator 
(Released: March 19th 1990 UK, March 20th 1990 US) 

I'm soo in love with the artwork for this album and the overall theme for the album, songs, videos and tour all done by one of my favorite artists, Anton Corbijn

Yes this year both Me and my favorite Depeche Mode album turn 21!!
 As I mentioned in numerous previous blog posts I love the Violator album and feel strongly connected to it! After all this was the album who's songs first introduced me to DM. Released the same year of my birth and even better released the month I was conceived! I did the math, I don't quite know what day, but hey it's the same month and year! haha I wished I was conceived while this album was playing haha but that wouldn't happen my parents didn't know who Depeche Mode was. But enough of that and back to how this is one of the greatest albums of all time!! Depeche Mode were big before the release of their Music For the Masses album which totally took the band to new heights, but with Violator it took them to a whole other level! I feel because of this album, it has definitely contributed to the legends that they are today. This album not only inspired a ton of artists but changed music as well! I guarantee you, go to almost any 80's flashback club, party, kereoke or whatever and your going to hear either Personal Jesus or Enjoy the Silence. When I ask people if they have ever heard of Depeche Mode they say No. As soon as I say, "Well have you heard 'Personal Jesus' or 'Enjoy the Silence'?" and start to sing and hum the song they're like "oh yeah!" haha! Till this day Violator remains Depeche Mode's best selling album worldwide! Rolling Stone Magazine even placed it on the list of " 500 Greatest Albums of All Time" (at number 342) and Personal Jesus was listed on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" (at number 368)!!
Ever since the Depeche Mode's World Violation Tour you can not go to show without hearing a Violator song it would be entirely impossible if the did not play Personal Jesus and Enjoy the Silence, which could possibly be the best song ever!! I never tire of it! Also did you know the great Johnny Cash covered Personal Jesus which is really remarkable and so did Marilyn Manson, which I must admit is good cover. You know Hilary Duff even tapped into Personal Jesus which was such a mistake and horribly wrong that's all I'll say, she should never go near DM, ever! ( If you must know I really dislike her 'work')
 Overall if you've never heard DM give Violator a try, I guarantee it you'll become hooked sooner or later. Even if you don't fall madly in love with the band or even like DM I'm sure you'll like at least one Violator song. How do I know this? Because I've tried it with my family. First with my Mother and then my Brother Angel, who is by far the hardest person to convert! haha  I must also note that if you love the Violator album you just have to hear the bonus tracks they're soo good!!! 
I can go on and on about how great the album and band is, I'm telling you they really are the best!
Much Depeche Mode love to all and all the fellow DM Devotees!
 Mode on!

I've posted the links to the youtube videos of some DM Violator songs with their official music videos, just click the song titles below!

Most likely the best song on the Planet!! It will never ever get old! The music video was actually inspired by the classic children's book "The Little Prince".
Of course the classic! Personal Jesus! You know quick fun fact this song has even been in popular video games!!
Gotta Love it!! Especially the guitar riff at the end up the song (which isn't in the video)! This song is quite popular with m family it's probably my two closest and favorite cousins fav DM song!
The Halo dance! One of the two dancing girls in the video (the tall one) is American actress Jenna Elfman. My good friend and who I call my DM sister, Andrea, we both know the Halo Dance. We're just waiting for the day to do it in the nightclub together! By the way I want a Bullet Bra like that for myself.
The wonderful, romantic Clean video. Martin Gore fans go crazy for this video often wishing they were the girl, haha
So sexy without the sleaze! If I guy used these words on me I'd melt! Love the video too! The first few seconds of Dave just laying there pure bliss! Who wouldn't want to go on a date to the drive in, in a classic car with Dave Gahan?!

I think this song is by  far one of the most overlooked DM songs. It's one of my obsessions I love it too much. Plus this fan made video of different Violator videos put together is perfection!

I absolutely adore this song. It's so romantic and soothing, a complete lullaby.

My favorite bonus track off of Violator!! Happiest Girl! This isn't the official video, since there isn't one. But I'm extremely happy with this, Bettie Page and DM!! It's perfection! (clips are from the movie "The Notorious Bettie Page")

~ Victoria

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