Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oufits of 2010

Isn't this blog suppose to talk about fashion? Haha I haven't done that much or even put up an outfit post in a very long time! So like the inevitable procrastinator that I am, here are the past outfits (worthy of or ones that I only could snap photos) of 2010. Starting with the most recent (December 2010) to the oldest. I don't think I'll describe each one, I'll give a little snippet. But I can guarantee you that in every outfit there is something thrifted and vintage. All of these outfits are just my everyday work and school outfits, except the one taken at night that was for a small cocktail party. I'd have to say my favorite outfit of 2010 had to be the 10th photo, that was the most simplistic, comfortable and it could be dressed up and dressed down in an instant. Sorry for the very glamourous bathroom mirror photos, I hate having to ask someone to snap my photo, plus by the time I leave home my 'personal photographer' aka my brother has left for school.
Does my outfit look okay? haha

This dress used to be my mothers back in the late 1970's

With my coat

Without my coat

You can't tell but I'm wearing one of my favorite 1940's hats!

I was in a 1960's mood

Most likely my favorite outfit of 2010

My brother says "It looks like a luau exploded onto you." haha I love bright colors!

I've owned this blouse since the 5th grade; it fits much better now haha


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