Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello! I'm Still Here!

Hello 2013 and Hello lovely people and readers out there!!

I'm still alive and I haven't gone anywhere! I've just been incredibly busy...and or lazy too. Plus I'm having major technical difficulties, my computer is on it's last limbs. But I definitely want to update you on what's been going on! So so much!! Last year was a hell of a year for me and I have so much to share! Love, Loss, Success, Learning.. all having it's crazy ups and downs, opportunities and fun things. This year is turning out to be an interesting one with new opportunities arising, plus soo many cool events have happened that I haven't had a chance to share with you! Never fear though, I will try my best to post about all the really cool ones that haven't happened yet!

So even though It's been a whole year since posting and I'm introducing myself back already a month after the new year began I hope you will continue to follow with me on my crazy, retro, kooky adventure in life with me!
Thanks and prepare for tons to come!!

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