Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Violator

Depeche Mode's Violator album turns 23 today!!

Arguably the most popular DM album ever and probably my very favorite album of theirs, Depeche Mode's Violator was released 23 years ago today. This was the first album in which I first heard and discovered DM and it also holds some of my very favorite DM songs (Blue Dress, Enjoy The Silence, Waiting For The Night and their B-sides Happiest Girl, Sea of Sin & Dangerous). I hold this album very near and dear to me because I feel a special connection with it, the month of it's release I was conceived, I was born a day after the single for WFTN and we arrived the same year! I've been saying for years how I want the rose tattooed on me, but I've yet to still do it. I love the artwork and imagery artist Anton Corbijn created it represents a lot for me. I've even had my 20th birthday party themed Violator and I even created a dress for my school fashion show in 2011 inspired by "Personal Jesus" and Depeche Mode!

My 20th Birthday Violator Cake I made myself

My own design, created and made by me
'Depeche Mode Personal Jesus Dress'

Anywho today I decided to pay tribute to the album with my wardrobe.

I wore my faux Leather Jacket from Forever 21
Clubmaster sunglasses, I bought for $1
My DM Violator shirt from Uptown 2000
Pencil Skirt (Made by Me)

I'll leave you with some of my Violator favorites for you to enjoy!
Mode On Devotees!!

Enjoy The Silence

Personal Jesus

Blue Dress

Happiest Girl

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