Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop
April 21, 1947
(James Newell Osterberg II)

 Happy 64th Birthday to the Godfather of Punk!! At 64 he's still one of the sexiest and bad ass MoFo's ever, and yes he's literally old enough to be my father (my dad will be 63 next month)!!
He's one of the greatest frontmen ever! The whole rock n' roll scene owes him and The Stooges big time, they helped usher in the Punk sound and Iggy Pop practically invented the stage drive! Also taking it to a whole other level with antics like crazy dancing (which I love), crawling and bending his body- things of that sort, cutting himself onstage, smearing things on himself like peanut butter, indecent exposure and probably my most favorite and best of all his signature no shirt and skinny jeans!!
I've never had the chance to see him,  I tried to beg my mom to let me see him back in 2006 (I think?) with the Stooges but it didn't happen. One day I hope I can see the great Iggy!
A younger Iggy, oh so handsome!

A young David Bowie and Iggy Pop, they were like the best of friends, two peas in a pod! Eventually they ended up going their separate ways. I heard there were rumors that they even had like this sexual relationship! Now I think they have a more of an estranged relationship.
(I don't know, I have to finish reading my Iggy Pop biography [pictured below] I bought back in 2008, yeah it's a shame I haven't finished reading it.)

This is a photo of the show "The Venture Brothers" they had an episode were current Iggy and Bowie had like this big fight and Bowie turns into a cigarette! lol I have no idea I still haven't seen it and I have friends telling me about it!

Today I wore my Iggy Buttons; one of him recently and one of him back during "Lust For Life" (oh and of course a DM one as usual).

Favorite Tunes

Yes greatness!! Amazing song! Featured in everything from movie soundtracks to cruise commercials! It could be my favorite Iggy song?

A Stooges classic! It was even featured in the Rock Band video game.

Oh memories! I remember having the dj blast this song at my Sweet 16 birthday party, my family must of thought I was crazy.

I love this soong!! Another Stooges classic. You can be my dog Iggy!

A very favorite Pop song and a brilliant fan made video!!! Iggy Pop's "The Passenger" but together with clips of Classic Hollywood films. What could be better?

Did you know the original "China Girl" song was written and sung by Iggy Pop and not David Bowie. Bowie later did the song in order for Iggy to make some income since his Heroin addiction was going out of control. Awh the Iggy and Ziggy wonderful a duo! I think I much prefer Bowie's version though.

A frekin awesome song! It's so sexy and it has this psychedelic 60's feeling to me. I like to dance to it really slow.

80's Iggy! Love him! I love this song!

I love his cover of Real Wild Child!! Love it!! He's soooo sexy!!

I was soo thrilled that when Madonna (a longtime favorite of mine) was inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 she had Iggy and the Stooges perform her songs instead of herself. She said it's not fair that they've been nominated for 6 years, and being inducted  there wasn't a way they won't perform! Aww Iggy and Madonna another great combo!

Iggy the Actor
Iggy is quite the actor and has come out in a number of different movies. From comedies, indie films to children's movies!! I wish he would do more! Here are three of some of my very favorite movies which he comes out in!

Coffee & Cigarettes
A clip from the film "Coffee and Cigarettes" Directed by Jim Jarmusch 2004. A great indie film featuring a ton of amazing actors and artists. Iggy and Tom Waits having a chat. Here it's like Iggy's playing himself but he's not? A line that's stuck with me from this: "Pie and Coffee" haha

"Dead Man" Directed by Jim Jarmusch 1995 A favorite Johnny Depp film and my favorite Western! The way movies should be done (I really don't like westerns unless it stars Clint Eastwood). Iggy is absolutely hilarious as "Sally".

Here's a scene from "Cry Baby" Directed by John Waters 1990. My second favorite Johhny Depp film (at one point I knew almost the whole movie by heart)! I'll take this 1950's musical over Grease any day!! Depp, Pop, Waters 1950's Rockabilly Greatness! Iggy plays Cry Baby's Uncle "Belvedere".
(*FYI Iggy Pop and Johnny Depp have remained great friends for a really long time, they have a history but I wouldn't really go into that)

Happy Birthday Mr. Pop!


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  1. Brilliant post! Iggy Pop is definitely a genius. Love your Iggy buttons and I finally found someone who thinks coffee and cigarettes is a good movie :D


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