Friday, April 1, 2011

Cheap and Chic

Yesterday I made the most wonderful purchase! Wednesday evening I was dropping off a package at work when I walked by the Fashion Bookstore located in the California Market Center in Downtown LA's Fashion District. I always love to browse in there, flip through the international fashion magazines and books that I wish I could buy up. I noticed they were having a huge 50% off sale; I was in heaven! Since the store was about to close for the day I quickly gathered up the books I wanted and begged that they would hold  them for me so I may pick them up tomorrow ( I didn't have enough cash on me). Luckily they held them and I greatly appreciated it, not only that when I picked them up that day I received an extra 20% off; a student discount yay!! I got all these lovelies for a steal, brand new and under $60!! I'm in love, I've been wanting some of these books forever! Each book is filled with marvelous photographs and information all which would provide me with hours of entertainment and inspiration!

Dita: Striptease
Fashion & Surrealism
Rebel Style
Adrian: Silver Screen to Custom Label 
Elegance: The S'eeberger Brothers and The Birth of Fashion Photography

Take a Looksie

  Rebel Style and Fashion & Surrealism

Dita Striptease Flip Books


Adrian = Amazing

Elegance; Indeed


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  1. I'm a very visually stimulated person so I TOTALLY understand your love for these books. This need perpetuates my magazine addiction. Great blog BTW.


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