Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pachuco Boogie

 (Photos By Rafa LA for Pachuco Boogie)

*Excuse the late post it was meant for October 2013*
Orale! I love me some Pachuco Boogie! If you're unfamiliar with all that is the Pachucado it is like a subculture within itself , a Latino movement, fashion, culture and music that stemmed in the 1940's with it's roots in Mexico, El Paso Texas and Los Angeles California. Of course more widely known and recognized from the Jazz culture and the always flashy and dandy Zoot Suit!
My interests going into the Pachuco culture goes to my forever love of the 40's but it's also more of a homage to my culture, history and family. It all started when I was 17 years old and tried out for the my High School/ College musical "Zoot Suit" which documents the historical LA Zoot Suits of 1942.

 Back in 2008 in the East LA College production of Zoot Suit 
pictured with actors Mike Aceves (left) and Victor Rodriguez (right)

For me I grew up listening to all my grandpa's stories of his crazy teenage antics and his involvement with the Pachucos in LA, which though he never called himself one he "affiliated" with them and has those homemade tattoos to prove it! In fact he witnessed those riots and had plenty of stories to tell about al the neighborhood events, gang wars, and the fashion. Plus on both sides of my family are from El Paso Texas! I could go on and on and on talking about the history and my family ties, but more importantly I'll talk about the new nights my friends are hosting, "Pachuco Boogie Sunday's at Eastside Luv"!
 My friend Nick whom I'm pictured with at the top and my friend John Carlos De Luna are always pleased to host and help put on these great events. They were even featured along with friends and well known musician Pachuco Jose for  a special Telemundo segment. These fellas know their history and are some of the best dancers and dressers out there! In fact be sure to check out Nick's blog Eastside Jitterbug, he not only teaches, he djays and he's one hell of a swing dancer! Also if you're wondering just how you can look the part especially if you're a guy be sure to check out my friend, artist John Carlos De Luna's site and label Barrio Dandy. He has his own designs, artwork and sells vintage too! So check that out for tons of inspiration. I'm proud I got a chance to participate in these series of photos and I even made it onto the Telemundo segment! But most of all I'm proud to see my friends, artists, creators and so many others embrace the culture.
 Be sure to check out Pachuco Boogie Sunday's the 3rd sunday night of the month at Eastside Luv, they always have a record hop going,  movies screening, poetry readings and sometimes even a live band or show! It hopes to continue on into 2014!

The first Pachuco Boogie flyer

With Friends at Pachuco Boogie

With my friend artist Jake Prendez and our friend Lorena

My ensemble for the night, wearing an authentic vintage knit and some reallly big 40's hair!
Gotta have that Pachuca Pompadour!

Some screen shots my my national television vintage debut! haha

"Estilo Pachuco"
A special segment for tv network Telemundo featuring well known vintage/rockabilly scene musician Pachuco Jose and my friends artist John Carlos De Luna and dancer Nick.

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