Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Glamourous Dita Von Teese!

Today is the 38th Birthday of the Beautiful  Sweet and talented the total advocate of Glamour and Grace and the International Queen of Burlesque, my idol and hero Dita Von Teese!
Miss Von Teese Is everything I think a women should be! Even if she does harken the traditional women of Hollywood's golden age she is a modern women none the less! Her style and taste are exquisite and not just in the Fashion Department!! Mixing Vintage,Contemporary Designer and Haute Couture to create this one of a kind look! Her pose, grace and demeanor are every bit respectful, playful, sweet and lady like! She's every man's dream girl and every girl wants to be her! She's completely sexy in the must subtle and obvious ways! As my brother Angel likes to say,  "Always Classy never Trashy!" haha She's an intelligent and thinking women. Though I don't know her personally and having met her twice I really do feel and think she posses all these qualities and more! That's why since I was a little girl I always wished I could be someone like her, like Dita Von Teese my hero!
( I can go on and on about how much I adore her, but I think that paragraph sums it up!)
Thank you Dita for all you do!
Dita History
Little Miss Von Teese! How Cute Better known back than as Heather Sweet.

I think these two Mac Viva Glam advertisements were the first images I ever saw of Dita, back when I was 14 yrs. old. It was love at first sight!

A Very cute picture of Dita with her doggy Eva! snapped by my Brother Angel at  ReVamp Vintage in Downtown LA at the  Dita Von Teese book Signing December 2009

Can you tell I'm in shock? lol That moment has so far been the happiest day of my life! I pulled out all the stops for Dita and wore what I consider one of my best outfits to date! It made me soo happy that she loved my ensemble!

Having a quick chat. I'm telling her about how she's a constant inspiration for me and muse when I design. She says she loves my Hat ( which is my favorite and is 1940's Vintage) and sees that I have my fully fashioned seamed stockings and exclaims that my overall appearance is a quote, "Great Look on you, stick with it"! She also wished me the best of luck in life and my future in design!

I had her sign my Hommes Official French Men's Magazine December issue. She's the first woman to grace the cover. ( I would have had her sign my brother's and I's Dita Burly Q/ Fetish book but it was in a beat up condition and I was too embarrassed) She wrote: "To Victoria, all my Love Dita <3"

My brother Angel ad Dita, he dressed up as well and was very shy about meeting her.

He said Hello, proclaiming that he really didn't know what to say in these situations.

Another girl meets her hero, This Is  4 year old Paris she's as fabulous as anyone half her age and adores Dita!

 I want Paris's outfit soo bad!! Dita gown done in the style of the Marilyn Monroe Gowns for Dolce and Gabbana

My second time meeting Dita and I owe it all too ReVamp! My first month interning with the company and I worked the first day of the Vintage Fashion Expo in Santa Monica. I never thought I would get a second chance at meeting her! We were the first booth she visited, she stopped by to say hi to owner Annamarie. Than I gave her a pamphlet and some of my personal reviews on Besame Cosmetics!

A little project I did in January 2009 for my Textile Class. We had to alter fabric so I dyed White silk Pink, added Dita's name, sequins, and her signature drawing!

 A book marker I made that I'm currently using for my Draping class this month!

Every time I open it up, Surprise! It's Dita!
Clips On Dita
Doing what Dita Does best!
A quick clip of me meeting her!
(For Dita's Birthday I'll wear my Dita earring's! I'll post a pic ASAP!)
My Earrings!
Big Bow and Dita Earring's! I would have worn some seamed stockings, however here in LA it's been 100 degree weather!

A close up it's kinda blurry, sorry.

My Dita Bottle cap Aqua Pin up Earrings. I great homemade treasure I bought at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery at the Dia de Los Muertos Festival in 2008. (earrings by Phyllis Revenge)

Happy Birthday Dita Von Teese!
with love -Victoria Inez Rivera
(all photos by. Victoria Inez Rivera & Angel Rivera)


  1. What a great homage to the lovely Miss Dita! It's unbelievable that you have been able to meet her twice. The outfit you wore at the December 2009 meeting was a winner. Bravo!

  2. Wonderful! I love love love Dita! Thanks for the Dita history. I'm so jealous you got to meet her. Although I think I would have been too nervous to talk to her hehe.



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