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2010 Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo

This post is late as ever again, but very very important that I post it It's just to good not too! Every year I look forward to the Annual Vintage Fashion Expo held in Santa Monica and San Francisco California. I'm constantly counting down the days till the next one like a kid at Christmas, c'mon two words that I love Vintage and Fashion, hello! But this year I couldn't possibly wait!! Because not only was I getting to spend all weekend at the expo, but I was going to work the Expo too!! And not doing just any 'ol thing but working at one of my all time favorite companies, ReVamp!! (For me it's almost like working for Dior, and I really wish I could work for Dior and no one can compare to Mr. Dior!) ReVanp is a fantastic company that recreates vintage sillhouettes from 1910 to 1957 for Women and Men, with period appropriette Fabrics, techniques, and details. I've been a fan of the company since I was 14, and now I've been interning there for 3 months! So when owner Annamarie asked if another intern and I would like to work the expo, since ReVamp would be vending this year I immeditely said yes!! It was like a dream come true! Working that weekend turned out to be full of surprises and an experience I would never forget! (I sound so chessy saying that but I honestly had a wonderful time!) There was work to be done, tons of wonderful treasures to look at and purchase, check out people's style, bump into old friends, make new ones and run into some very high profile lovely ladies, One who just happens to be my idol and hero! Who could it be? Well take a look!
Outfit Day One
Wearing my 1940's Vintage Coat (Bought at last year's expo for $25!! From Vintage Vixen) My vintage dress (year unkown, looks like late 1950s. Bought at yard sale $10) My vintage wooden bangle (hand me down)
My vintage gold flower earrings (18th birthday present) My vintage leather shoulder purse (looks 1940's or 1970's thrifted for 99 cents!) My comfy 1940's style leather peep toe heels ( from Ross $13) and my Dave Gahan/ Depeche Mode 80's/1950's style sunglasses (from Forever 21 $6)
That's the first time I put my hair in Victory Rolls! Pretty Good!
Outfit Day Two
Wearing my thrifted blouse and skirt, one of my favorite pairs my very old Black and White saddle shoes, Red plastic earrings (bought for $1) and my handpainted decoupage braclet (given to me by my Dad). Also wearing my thrifted vintage velvet Navy Blue hat with rose flower pin that I attached ( I know it's hard to see). I prefered my Day Two outfit much more than the first, it made me feel much happier, I know silly.
Inside My Purse
My favorite retro sunglasses, my vintage coin purse, my vintage hankie (It was my great grandmas) and a little piece of heaven my Besame vintage reproduction bullet lipstick in 'Besame Red' (my favorite shade)
My Name Tag
I never thought my name would be on one of these!
ReVamp's Booth
As you can see the expression on my face I was happy to be working there!
ReVamp's lovely display
(Featuring the Victor, Billie and Maise)
Two very beautiful 1950's sillouettes! The Vivienne couture cocktail dress and the perfect shade of Red Sweater Suit.
ReVamp Ciggarette,Card holders, handmade hair ornaments and lovely Besame cosmetics! (I'm a die hard fan of Besame cosmetics they're just fantastic! I've been a fan since the age of 14, I've also had the privilage of meeting and befriending the creator, Gabriela Hernandez)
Me, ReVamp seamstress and friend Janet.
Dressed in Style
Snapshots of some well dressed guys and gals!

This is Brock and Jessica, two very well dressed people. Very '50s, I love Jessica's dress!
These lovely folks are Celeste and "Mr. V" (I decided to give him that title, I forgot his name but it did start with a V). Both are looking very '40s! I'm in love with Celeste's outfit, Mr. V insisted that I only photograph her because he wasn't wearing vintage I said that it was just fine and to hop right in the photo!
This fella is Art. I found him browsing through lots of great coats and asked to take his photo.
This  well dressed guy is Mike. I spotted him right behind those dress and told him I just had to take his photo he looked great!
Best Vintage Dressed Gentleman
Boy he certainly looks familar? Maybe I've met him before? Hmm... I sure have! He's that sweet, handsome, well dressed fella from the LA Heritage Square Event!! His name is Andre, we properly introduced each other when I asked for a second time to take his picture. This guy has some great taste! I love his tie, he told me he purchased it the previous day at the expo and just had to wear it! Keep looking spiffy Andre!
This lovely lady is Julie from Fab Gabs Vintage in Oregon. When I stopped at her booth I just had to take her picture she looked fabulous! She was so sweet, she said that it's become a custom to wear Red and Black at shows she vendors at. She also noted that this dress has become her signature one. Fab Gabs had many beautiful garmets, and I especially noticed they were probably the only ones to really carry a selection of plus size vintage dresses! Julie said that she didn't think it was fair that all garmets that some vendors have to offer are only in available in a 23 inch waist. I really wished I could have purchsed at least one of Fab Gabs plus size vintage dresses, however my budget didn't allow me too. Maybe next time. I think Julie just may be my new hero! (turns out she has a couple of friends that happen to be my friends too!) 
This is Julie's assistant from Fab Gabs Vintage. I can't believe I forgot her name! Anywho she was just as sweet and funny as Julie and she looks great too! I gotta tell you even though I didn't stop at every booth
Fab Gabs Vintage were some of the best dressed and some of the friendliest folks there!
Best Vintage Dressed Lady
Gorgeous, Glamourous and Fabulous!! Well at the expo I bumped into friend Ashley, who is a Vintage Queen! She always is dressed to the nines, no matter where she goes! She has some of the best taste and outfits I've ever seen! She is a personal style hero of mine, hehe. She looked just beautiful liked she stepped off the streets of Hollywood circa 1940's!
(Even though there were lots of well dressed vintage folks, I really didn't have the time to spot out and take their photos I really wished I could)
Surprise Surprise!!
My hero, the ultimate adovcate of Glamour
Dita Von Teese
Boy was I shocked to meet Ms. Dita Von Teese not only at the Expo, but for the second time in my life! I never thought I would ever meet her, especially the first time. So I was plesantly surprised to meet her again. She just arrived at the expo when she stopped by ReVamp's booth to say hi to owner Annamarie. Unfortunetely Annamarie wasn't ther that day, however Annamarie and Dita got a chance to see one another the next day at the expo. Dita and I had a quick chat about meeting her the first time for her book signing at ReVamp last year, shopping at the expo and lovely Besame Cosmetics and how much we love them! She looked absolutely beautiful too I loved her outfit! I was definetely one happy camper!!
My First time meeting Ms. Von Teese December 2009 for her book signing at ReVamp. Gee, look at my face I look happy and shocked! How funny, I think I was containing myself from going into crazy fan mode, which is a very good thing haha! We had the opportunity to chat and she loved my outifit, especially the hat (which was my favorite too!). I will never forget this day!! I think I'll post that glorious experience soon, even though it was before I had this wonderful little blog!

Janet and Dita, Janet never thought she would meet her either. She was so thrilled! After Dita left we couldn't believe what just happened.
A New Generation of Super Model
I  never would of thought I would be standing in a photo next to up and coming super model Chanel Iman! Chanel Iman is around the same age as me (I think 20) she has walked on the Paris Couture Runways and been in countless fashion magazines! Well at the booth I noticed her and told myself I've seen that girl? She looks an awful lot like model Chanel Iman. Bingo! I walked up to her and asked politely Are you Chanel Iman? I spotted her with her mother looking at what else? Vintage Chanel! She was very sweet and just as beautiful in person I loved her handbag and sweater, it was none other than Chanel of course!
Vintage Purchases
I purchased this 1970's vintage frock for $25. To me it originally looked like Maternity Wear, than realized it was more of a smock style dress. I decided to try it on, figureing a smock style would definetely not be figure flattering. I tried it on and it didn't look that bad if accessorized with a thin belt it would look better, plus it kinda looked 30's. What insantly drew me to it was the fabric it looked so 1930's/1940's normally I wouldn't have purchased a dress like this for $25, but I asked to give it to me at that instead of $30 I just really liked the fabric!
Isn't just so pretty! It looks very '40s!
I found this very cute hair clip for $4.50! I originally thought it was a brooch until I picked it up. Either way it's still just too cute and I'll sure wear it!
Since last year I've been looking forward to one particualr vendors booth which has a huge table full of different kinds of earrings that you can buy for 25 to 50 cents! It's not that easy though you have to dig and search for pairs but it's fun and it also takes a lot of time! Here are some of my picks, vintage screw and clip on earrings! I love the green ones they kinda remined me of The Flintstones, I think Carmen Miranda would love them!
A photo of the table at last year's expo.
It Comes to an End
The booth at the end of the last expo day. It was a wonderful, fun and learning experience! I hope another chance like this comes along soon!
Until then, ~Victoria
(All photos by Victoria Inez Rivera)
For more info about the following companies check out there sites!


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