Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thursday Was An Event In Itself

So This Past Thursday,I thought It would Be any typical old Thursday. Well I was wrong, it turned out to be quite a fun little adventure around Los Angeles. I snapped some photos of my favorite Icons of Downtown Los Angeles. Met this wonderful Photographer at the Downtown Art Walk. Stopped at a local bicycle shop in my neighborhood that's been family run since 1941. Then snapped some photos again of the lovely spring florals on my street. And to finish It a photo of my outfit for the Day.
Fashion District Deco

What Is Black And White; Is Gray
While Walking down the street to my usual bus stop I noticed and realized that this Thursday was the Downtown Artwalk (which happens the 2nd Thursday of every month). It's a great event with tons of independent artists, vendors, music, and food. While browsing through really quickly a simple little booth quickly caught my eye before I left. Beautiful Black and White Photographs. But just not any, old photographs... I don't know really what to say I just instantly fell in love with them I think they just too beautiful!! These Photos had a simpleness to them, and major extra points for being Black and White (I'm an absolute sucker for B&W photography I LOVE it!) plus they kinda felt retro too! I think I like them so much because they reminded me of my favorite things, songs, movies, lifestyles and thoughts. When laying eyes on these photos I instantly thought of them as the love child of two of my all time favorite artists Man Ray and Anton Corbijn, and how they totally can be used as images for a Depeche Mode music video or album art! (It was like having an Art Orgasam, if there is such a thing which I'm sure there is) I was fortunate enough to be in the presence of this brillant photographer, Mr. Gray Malin. I approached him and told him just how wonderful and beautiful his work is! (He's a very handsome man too) We continued are small and friendly conversation about his artwork and how i happened to find his booth at the Artwalk. Gray Malin just gained a new fan!!
You Must see his work, If his photos were a fella I'd totally be swooning over him haha Check his website out at:
The very talented, Gray Malin.
Some shots of his work.
A View From My Favorite Bus Stop: Lamp Post at 4th & Main
Bicycle Browsing
So ever since we have been having great sunny breezey weather, Me and my brother have been dying to do some recreational bike riding there is just one problem I don't own a bike. I love bike riding it was one of my favorite past times as a kid, and I would love to do it again. Also since I don't drive yet, and commute by myself by bus and train it would be great for making quick trips without spending extra change! But not just any bike would do, It would have to be something of course very vintage looking, cute and stylish! I'm very particular when it comes to these things so in order to see what the world had to offer in my liking that was cheap enough but still had quality. I decided to stop by Dennison Cyclery. I live literally about 5 minutes away from the oldest family run and owned bike shop in LA County since 1941!! That intself screams a place were Victoria can find her dream bike..or something close! It's a small shop the way I can describe it as a mini museum with a ton of bikes packed into a sardine can. It was full of guys getting their bikes ready for summer and the service was very very helpful and yes it was family! The owner Mr. Bill Blake gave me a mini tour of all the vintage bikes they had displayed, old photos, and let me flip through a Japanese magazine that published an article about this awesome little bike shop in lovely East Los Angeles! Dennison Cyclery is a great interesting little jewel in East LA, and I think I just found my dream bike there! For More info check out their website at:

The original owner and his bike.
The original owner's bike displayed in the shop.
Some old photos in the shop.
I think this just could be part of the bike of my dreams?
Spring On My Street
Outfit Of The Day
Lately I've been looking at a lot of WWII propaganda posters and I was inspired by factory girls. Wearing my modern but retro looking green sweater blouse, faux denim 1940's style slacks, my favorite black and white saddle shoes, and my favorite pair of 1950's/1960's style sunglasses. And my only two vintage items a 1950's chiffon scarf wrapped on my head and my 1960's plastic braclet.
I know this has been a long one! Until again,
~Victoria  (All photos by Victoria Inez Rivera, last photo by Angel Rivera)